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The face our wines: Blaise Hofmann



In 2017 Blaise Hofmann’s parents were about to let their little family vineyard, a stone’s throw away from their house in the village of Villars-sous-Yens, near Morges. A plot planted in 1991 and lovingly tended for a generation by Walti and Anne-Lise Hofmann – 4,100 m² of Chasselas and 2,700 m² of Gamay, enough to produce around 7,000 bottles.

What better year to produce their first vintage than the year of the Fête des Vignerons?

This was the daring decision taken by Blaise Hofmann, writer and co-librettist of the Fête des Vignerons 2019, with his Chasselas named Terravin, and his Gamay Grand Cru 2018.

Both wear the Fête colours, with an extract from the “Hymn to the Land”, composed by Valentin Villard, for the Chasselas label and “Hymn to the Harvest”, a tune composed by Jérôme Berney, for the Gamay.

It is quite understandable that Blaise Hofmann chose to collaborate with Cave de la Côte for vinification, as his dad has been a Cave shareholder for many years.

Rodrigo Banto explains the background to both these exclusive crus:

  • The Chasselas is harvested when it is fully ripe. The sentiment of “Hymn to the Land” blends with the product’s unctuousness, thus creating the volume and power found in a perfect symphony.
  • The Gamay is harvested when perfectly ripe, then fermented and macerated for 21 days in oak vats.

Only the essence is transformed into nectar after 90 days of maturation. The richness, the plentiful fruit and supple tannins in this cuvée are a homage to the winegrowers and celebrate the “Hymn of the Harvest.


The labels illustrate the balance between the musical score, the land, the grape harvest and the grape, in the first modern interpretation of these traditional grape varieties.




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