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The faces our wines: Marion Wahlen


The “faces of our wines” are the wine producers and growers who, thanks to their meticulous work, provide you with magnificent vintages each year. As part of our quest to introduce you to these “faces”, we’re focussing on Marion Wahlen, a young wine-grower from Gland, who answered our questions and told us all about her passion for the world of viticulture and how she first met the Cave de la Côte cooperative.

A love of vines has always run in the family, since her grandparents moved to Gland in the 1960s to run an agricultural business. They began their collaboration with Cave de la Côte in 1964, an association that continued when Marion’s parents took over the business in the 1980s.

Her passion for wine began “on a trip to Saint-Emilion where I discovered the world of viticulture and got the chance to meet some great, internationally-renowned oenologists”, says Marion Wahlen. On her return to Gland, she trained in Changins while continuing to work at the school’s cellar, then at Cave de La Colombière in Coinsins. The things she enjoys the most about the job are the way it changes from season to season, the industry’s respect for individuals, and the people she has had the opportunity to meet throughout her career.

For her, continuing the collaboration with Cave de la Côte was a foregone conclusion because “being part of a cooperative allows you to be closely involved in decision-making and in control of your own production. Over time, a relationship of trust was formed between me and Cave de la Côte, which allowed us to get the best out of the grapes and the development of our wines, which we are very proud of”, says Marion Wahlen.


Discover the wine made from Marion Wahlen’s grapes.
Château de Coinsins Grand Cru
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