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Encouraging young people to discover and rediscover their senses of taste and smell is the aim of the Semaine du Goût (Tasting Week). These are the two senses that are the least used during traditional school learning.

School teaches us to read and write, but not about tasting and smelling, making them the least important senses as far as children are concerned. The aim of this week is to give taste a more important position in this hierarchy, especially as it plays an increasingly central role in the concerns of today’s society. Issues regarding nutrition, balance, health, etc. cannot be resolved without education and awareness of taste.

That’s why we chose to support this initiative, together with The Ravet family’s hotel, L’Ermitage, through a special event on 18 September.




Our colleagues Sylvie Camandona and Rodrigo Banto, our chief oenologist, visited Vufflens Castle along with a group of 30-40 young people.

They talked about the Cave’s wines, selected by the Ravet family, and led a discussion on the subject of tasting notes and food and wine pairings.

It was an opportunity for Cave de la Côte to talk about tasting technique, the profession of wine taster and, of course, the wine-growing business, focussing the discussion with the young people on recognising the tasting notes that make up a wine and feature in the various products demonstrated.






The refined, delicate dishes created by Chef Ravet and his team provided the perfect accompaniment to the selection of Cave de la Côte’s finest vintages:

  • The journey began with Bella Costa to accompany the aperitif.
  • This was followed by a *Pinot Blanc 2018, served with the appetiser and starter.
  • The Chef recommended his *Garanoir 2017 to complement the main course.
  • And the tasting menu ended with Euphonie, a supersaturated wine, to accompany the dessert.

*These two wines are from the Ravet range

Explore the menu to discover which dishes  were chosen to accompany these vintages: Menu_BonsJeunes_180919

All the information about the initiative can be found here: